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Mike Williams' 03.30.07 local cop news

Virginia: Augusta County Sheriff’s deputies subdued a fired Grand Caverns employee Wednesday afternoon after he assaulted two park employees and wielded a loaded 12-gauge shotgun.

Florida: A SWAT team poured into an office building across from a just-robbed bank Tuesday after someone called the bank threatening to shoot people if a suspect arrested there wasn't released.

Washington: Police Chief backs her officer. Spokane's police chief is so confident that one of her officers acted appropriately in Saturday's fatal shooting of a man that she ordered the officer to issue a rarely used statement to investigators rather than submit to standard questioning, she said Wednesday.

Ohio: SWAT commander involved in standoff resigns.

California: Border Patrol agent kills border crosser with rifle.

Maryland: Robbery suspect killed, officer hurt in shootout.

South Dakota: Properly trained. Local law enforcement says protocol for training is strict and thorough.

Colorado: 911 tapes released in Colorado school shooting.

Illinois: Officers learns from SWAT. The line of police cars surrounding Rotolo Middle School on Tuesday morning drew the curiosity of on-lookers.

Texas: Police shooting ruled self defense. The suspect came at them with a 14 inch butcher knife they tried to disarm her with a bean-bag gun but that didn`t work. Then an officer slipped and fell on some ice and that`s when Morris moved threateningly toward him.

New Jersey: Maybe it was suicide.

Maryland: Deputy placed on leave for shooting of knife-wielding motorcyclist.

Arizona: Officers receive shooting scenario training.

Canada: Ontario's Special Investigations Unit is investigating a fatal shooting involving police in the city's west end, after responding to a 9-11 domestic disturbance call Wednesday morning.

Michigan: Police use Taser gun to stop suicide.

New York: Police officer shoots man at Brooklyn hospital during scuffle.


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