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Mike Williams' Local Cop News: April 27, 2007

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Maryland: County officer injured by fellow officer dies. Officer graduated from academy last year

Texas: Jerel Lamar wanted to kill a lot of people. That's what the SWAT suspect's brother tells police. Man charged in Northeast Austin standoff threatened to make Virginia Tech killings "look like a walk in the park". Officials release new details about exchange of gunfire between police and suspect

Texas: Joint police training exercise gives departments practice for school violence

New Jersey: Police training planned in wake Va. Tech slayings

Nevada: Reno police to conduct SWAT exercise at Bishop Manogue High School.

Wisconsin: Tosa principals receive gun training

Arizona: Security forces join SWAT training exercise

 North Carolina: SWAT weapons theft prompts policy review

Baltimore: Baltimore city police said they might have their first Taser gun fatality on their hands after an officer used one on a suspect wanted on drug charges

South Carolina: State police and the Charleston County coroner's office are investigating the death of a man shot in the leg and later shocked by a police officer's Taser

Texas: Deputies shoot one man, Taser another

California: Man threatens residents and officers with a large hunting knife. Subdued with Taser and Bean Bag rounds

Arkansas: Shooting at IHOP ruled an accident; deputy admonished, told by Mask to attend firearms course

Tennessee: FBI, TBI take over investigation into police shooting

Maryland: Montgomery County Police Officer dies of injuries

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