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Mike Williams' Local Cop News: May 7, 2007

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PennsylvaniaSWAT team finds man shot self inside home 

California: SWAT school training in Auburn this week

Indiana: Tear gas empties Traffic Court

Michigan: SWAT training taking area officers to 'next level'

TexasSheriff's Deputy Thwarts Possible Workplace Shooting

WisconsinPolice confronted a sword-wielding man who wanted to commit "suicide by cop"

ArizonaA Tucson police sergeant won more than $460,000 Thursday after a federal jury ruled two Pima County sheriff's deputies violated her civil rights

PennsylvaniaDrug suspect wounded; chase led to gunfire

Comments from one of the officers on the scene: 

We were not "just in the area searching abandoned homes" we were in training on the opposite side of the city. One of the dudes on the DA's task force is one of our team leaders. Phil immediately requested we be called. Phil knew that the training was taking place and we'd be quick to arrive. As an aside, we have two separate training evolutions per month so schedule conflicts can be resolved. A good perimeter was almost instantly established. Upon our arrival, we started to search abandoned buildings and some open lots with grass three feet high for the actor.

There was no tear gas, there were no NFDD's. As our team had finished clearing the second floor and was on the stairs to the third, a shot rang out. The deceased was in a small closet in the front room on the third floor.

Conflicting reports state he had three or four holes from his original engagement and a slef inflicted in the head.

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