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Mike Williams' 02.03.06 local cop news

Tennessee: Police follow new leads in Deputy's shooting.

Vancouver BC: Coroner’s Inquest - 2004 Shooting began as routine patrol. But within minutes they would be caught up in an event that most veteran police officers never experience: One officer was tackled to the ground by a man holding knives in both hands, while the other emptied the magazine of a Beretta semi-automatic into the attacker to save his colleague.

California: Field day for law enforcement. The group of camouflaged officers move stealthily toward their targets, never straying from formation as they drop dozens of live rounds from the barrel of a Heckler & Koch automatic submachine gun.]

Ohio: Man accused of taking Officer’s Taser, shooting her twice. Neighbor helps break up fight. (Now THERE is a manly man for you. Tough guy)

Photos from car cam:

Canada: Allegations of Taser-misuse not unique to Edmonton. Reports across the U.S. (As we know however allegations and facts are often very, very different at the end of the day.)

Massachusetts: Man held on $750G bail in officer's shooting.

Missouri: Police subdue man who threatens himself with knife.

Michigan: Judge issues warning to suspect in police shooting.

Virginia: Prosecutor says police shooting likely accidental.

New York: Officer’s deaths remind area police of job’s risks.

Los Angeles: A gang member faces attempted murder and assault charges in connection with the drive-by shooting of a police officer last summer.

Maryland: Frederick police are investigating the fatal shooting Wednesday night by a police officer of a man suspected of selling drugs to an undercover officer in a Frederick apartment complex.

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