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Mike Williams' 03.15.06 local cop news

Wisconsin: SWAT officers clear the air on cover-up. (This is a prime example how lying about something seemingly small to start with can come back to bite you in the rear years later. When in doubt DON’T!)

Stung by public backlash, Neenah police have launched a concerted effort to repair their reputation in the community.

Rhode Island: Attempted break-in forces police to shoot suspect.

Florida: Man Barricades Self In Liquor Store, Shoots At Officer.

Arkansas: Fatal shooting in ‘back of officer’s minds’.

New Jersey: Police officer killed when chase ends in crash.

Florida: A possible assault suspect who got out a car with a gun was fatally shot by a police detective.

Texas: Garland Police Release Video Of Dragged Officer.

Mississippi: Taser-related deaths undermine their use.

Website of the day: Class War – Hospitalized Cops

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