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Mike Williams' Local Cop News: June 8, 2007

Disclaimer: Some of the articles listed on this page require that you register with the web site on which the article is posted in order to view the article. We try to make sure none of the articles we include require login. However, many news web sites add a login requirement when the article is moved to their archive. This can occur a couple of days after the article is posted. We apologize for any inconvenience this causes and ask members to use their discretion in deciding whether to provide personal information to third party web sites.

Texas: Concerns arise after police Taser diabetic man

Washington: SWAT team kills Castle Rock suspect after stand-off

New Mexico: Man said wild before SWAT shooting

Los Angeles: Two pit bulls maul Tustin woman and kill her dog; one escapes

Virginia: Taser case still stinging Beach

California: Deputy Shooting Suspect Had Drug History

Louisiana: National guard shows off SWAT tank

Pennsylvania: Officer wounded in struggle, police search for suspect

Illinois: Police officer hurt in chase

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