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Mike Williams' Local Cop News: June 11, 2007

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Montana: Trooper bitten by snake shoots his way out of rattlesnake jam 

Iowa: Tactical unit, hostage negotiator discuss standoff

Montana: Hostage situation resolved. Man surrenders – wearing only his shoes

Ohio: Negotiator's tricks: pizza and patience. Listen, then do what it takes to get person down, he saysl

Los Angeles: Tug-of-war over Hilton raises larger questions. A judge's order that the heiress return to jail pits the sheriff's power against the court's

California: Wounded deputy can't wait to see injured K9 buddy

Washington: Police say man threatened to kill officers. Gets bean bagged instead

Tennessee: School officers get SWAT training

Illinois: 911 tape of fatal police shooting

Connecticut: Police use Taser on Danbury man who attempted to take officers' guns

Chicago: Officer fatally shot machete-wielding man

Nebraska: Off duty officer shoots robbery suspect

Georgia: A man waving a knife in a convenience store Friday stole a police car and crashed it into a pickup truck before being shot and killed by a Gwinnett County police officer

Indiana: Officer accused of using computer to spy on ex-girlfriend

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