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Mike Williams' Local Cop News: July 16, 2007

Indiana:Injured cop warned others about gunman

Chattanooga: It took more than 5 hours, but the Chattanooga police SWAT team peacefully resolved a standoff this morning

Oregon:Taser malfunctioned in shooting death

Oregon: Left to Die? New evidence in SWAT sniper shooting lawsuit pressures city

Arizona: Doctor threatened 'suicide by cop'

Texas: Hard training, high risks define real SWAT life

D.C.: Terror Commander: New attack will dwarf failed bomb plot

Kansas: A private security company will pay the government $18-million dollars for not properly training and equipping security guards at Ft. Riley and seven other military installations

Washington: The Castle Rock man fatally shot by SWAT team officers last month was drunk and had meth in his system and left officers no choice but to shoot when he came at them with a club

New York: Gun expert, author dies in Brookfield accident

Illinois: Chicago Suburb Waukegan in uproar over alleged racist police program

Wisconsin: Sheriff's Department says a deputy who opened fire on a car in the parking lot of a supermarket did the right thing

Ohio: Most suspects calm at mere sight of Taser

Canada: Suspect shot by Quebec SWAT team=

Georgia: Dougherty County officials say they’re forming a SWAT team


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