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Mike Williams' Local Cop News: July 24,2007

Pennsylvania: Police, SWAT rescue baby hostage; father accused of taking child hostage

Maryland: Soldier killed in shootout with police officer. Suspect opened fire on the officer with a .50 cal Desert Eagle handgun  

Canada: The "egregious and unnecessary" use of a TASER stun gun on a suspect in a high-speed chase by two city cops has led to the man getting an eight-month reduction in sentence

Georgia: (Here is an example of the age old problem on bringing in a Team Commander in from outside the unit, especially with no training or experience in tactical police work) Training records indicate that the officer man charged with running the Albany special weapons and tactics team has no formal SWAT training, but Albany Police Department officials maintain that he is qualified for the position

California: Suspect dies in Gardena officer-involved shooting

Texas: Man who attacked Houston police car killed, officer wounded

South Carolina: Man killed in police standoff. Wife says he had drug, mental health and domestic problems

Another glimpse of the South Carolina story

Denver:. Room for error in evidence vaults. In some evidence rooms, chaos and disorganization make searches futile. Others are purged of valuable DNA samples, leaving cases unsolvable

The second article on the Denver story

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