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Mike Williams' 05.01.06 local cop news

Florida: Chris Penley's last day at Milwee Middle School. Two officers — a negotiator and a marksman — had sharply differing views on the risk the boy posed before he was killed. (As you know, I am the first to leap on a story that I think is biased or inflammatory for the sake of stirring up controversy but I think this is a fair and balanced story. The reporter, Mr. Taylor called me and asked me to evaluate the statement of Lt. Weippert who was the shooter in this incident. I think the Lt. AND the negotiator Sgt. Brubaker did an outstanding job under extremely bad circumstances and I am glad I was not in their shoes that day. Taylor quoted me accurately and in context toward the end of the article which is all one can ask.)

California: Chaplain who defused SWAT team talks about counseling.

Miami: SWAT Standoff Ends When Police Stun Gunman. Police Say An argument About Drug Money Led To The An Attack and Standoff. (Another Samurai Hostage Taker with a machete!!!)

Indiana: There are questions following the violent ending of an Amber Alert. A man was shot and killed by police Thursday as his two-year-old was just inches away.

Florida: Cop on receiving end of Taser. a police officer mistook his colleague for a criminal, then shocked him with a blast from a Taser gun. The stunned officer fell to the ground and suffered a slight scrape.

Dallas: The family of a man who died Monday shortly after Dallas police stunned him with a Taser gun says the device shouldn't have been used repeatedly on him.

Texas: Rural Police Departments Say There Is a Need for Tasers.

Pennsylvania: A Pittsburgh psychiatrist believes that Kermith Sonnier Jr. was suicidal when he allegedly drove his truck toward four police officers and was shot and killed in 2004.

Nova Scotia: The Crown is appealing last month’s acquittals of two Halifax police officers accused of assaulting a former exotic dancer and unlawfully using a Taser to subdue her while she was in police custody.

Florida: A detective with the Orange County sheriff's office robbery unit is on paid leave, this after he shot and killed a man while off-duty overnight. It's unclear whether Johnson was armed. The only weapon recovered from the incident was the deputy's Glock .45-caliber handgun. Since the incident, McQuitter has refused to answer investigators' questions.

Utah: The Utah branches of the American Civil Liberties Union and the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People this week have called for reviews in the death of a Salt Lake City man after he was repeatedly shocked by police with a Taser.

Texas: The American Civil Liberties Union says someone needs to show some accountability after a Taser contributed to the death of a Lubbock man.

Maryland: Doctors rule heart problem, cocaine caused man's death.

Utah: A 45-minute SWAT stand off ended this morning after West Jordan and Sandy police officers entered a house and found the man they were attempting to make contact with was dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Chicago: Man charged Thursday evening with multiple offenses, including attempted murder of a police officer, in connection with a shooting that left an officer slightly wounded and resulted in an hours-long standoff.

Pennsylvania: Mayor queried on gun incident. Callahan says police officer who aimed at other had good record.

Oklahoma: Law enforcement agencies from all across Oklahoma gathered today for their fourth day of S.W.A.T. training.

Arizona: Questions surface in shooting by Mesa cop.

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