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Mike Williams' Local Cop News: August 31, 2007

South Carolina: Humble hero named nation's top police officer. Johnson attempted to confront a man suspected of shooting a woman, and the suspect turned the gun on the officer. Johnson, who was shot in the face and the abdomen, returned fire and killed the man.

Ohio: Police chase passenger: 'I thought I was a goner'. Driver shot to death after pursuit.  Photo:  Blue Ash Cruiser Cam Video

Texas: A law enforcement training center headquartered at Texas State University-San Marcos is teaching active shooter response situations to police officers nationwide in record numbers, and that trend is expected to continue into the next fiscal year. 

West Virginia:  Tasers in Town. A Taser is an electroshock rifle used to stop people in their tracks by stopping some muscle movement. Police officers say it is non-lethal.

California: This Taser use justified despite fatal result.

Georgia: State investigating two former Gwinnett deputies.

North Carolina: Old houses blown up in SWAT training exercise.

Kentucky: The challenges faced by SWAT team officers. 

Kentucky: Video  According to Guy Ray Jr., his son went into the bank with one sole purpose: to die at the hands of police.   

Arizona: Suspect in police shootout attempted 'suicide by cop'.

Oregon: Deputy involved in shooting with armed driver.

Virginia: State police tactical gear theft investigated.

Indiana: Officer in trouble after joy ride. Muncie policeman gave 3 college students a lift in squad car, crashed showing off, chief says.

Boston: Bullet from trooper's gun hit Hub officer, DA says. Gang suspect is faulted in gunfight.

Ohio: Police pursuit ends in death.

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