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Mike Williams' Local Cop News: October 24, 2007

New York: Despite the high-profile, 50-shot police shooting that killed Sean Bell last year, NYPD officers actually fired fewer shots in 2006 than in 2005 and struck more of their intended targets.

Florida: 'Death by cop' isn't usually that easy. Tasers and training make it an iffy proposition.

Canada: Quebec government committee rejects call for police to stop using Tasers.

Kentucky: Deputies suspended after Taser incident.

Michigan: Police chief charged over use of Taser.

Florida: Deputy wounds suspect in Lighthouse Point pharmacy robbery.

New York: Crooked Cop cases surge. NYPD’s top secret corruption report offers a look inside the rand and vile.

Florida: Bullet crashes through police cruiser, lodges in officer's headrest.

California: Police officers around California honored for heroic acts. Seven LAPD officers to be recognized.

Ohio: Cleveland police officer admits taking photo of dead school shooting gunman posted on the Internet.

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