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Mike Williams' Local Cop News: 12.27.07

Florida: SWAT team makes arrest after suspect opens fire

Idaho: Police academy class slogan: 'Go out and cause' post-traumatic stress disorder.

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California: Suspect in stolen LA Sheriff's patrol car shot in San Diego

California: Policy violations found in Gibson's arrest. The Sheriff's office of independent review found that a supervisor sought to censure Gibson's arrest report, which contained an anti-Semitic rant by the actor. That decision was overruled by a captain. L.A. County sheriff's deputies broke rules in handling the actor, but did not give Paris Hilton preferential treatment, report finds.

Virginia: Ex-military doctor puts tourniquets in clothes.

Georgia: Off-Duty Richmond County Sheriff's Deputy Shot At Nightclub

Atlanta: Policewoman in critical condition after being shot. She was hit after stepping outside at a Christmas party near Covington Highway

New Orleans: Clash over public housing closure. Protests precede council vote; sweeping change to city expected.

Maryland: Small explosions accompanied by the ringing of car alarms came from the recently vacated Broadstone Apartments in Gaithersburg on Thursday as police engaged in small explosives training to prepare for hostage-rescue, barricade and school shooting situations.

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