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Mike Williams' Local Cop News: 02.28.08

North Carolina: Shots were fired at police officers as SWAT team members tried to serve a warrant Wednesday morning on a suspected member of the MS-13 gang at a home in northwest Charlotte.   

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Virginia: (INSANITY!!!!!!!!!! When are police going to learn you CANNOT spring things like this on unsuspecting students and teachers!! This is a MAJOR LAW SUIT looking for a place to happen. In our state this same type thing happened a few years ago during a teachers in-service training day. Local “SWAT” teams, with permission from the principal invaded the school unannounced. One of the teachers was pregnant. You can fill in the blanks as to how that went over and what happened to the “SWAT” teams. This could have been avoided with better pre-planning and specific directions as to the location and nature of the training) Local College Causes Stir With Gunman Drill

Missouri: Officer Shoots Man Armed With Rifle. May have been “Suicide by Cop”

North Carolina: Bladen County standoff has deadly end

Minnesota: Police Shoot Knife-Wielding Woman after Taser Ineffective

Atlanta: A standoff at a hotel in DeKalb County ended peacefully just before 5 a.m. Tuesday with the surrender of 15 people -- including four pregnant women - who were jammed inside a single room.

Georgia: Police Taser Armed Robbery Suspect 

Arkansas: Lieutenant Allegedly Uses Taser on Cow 

Illinois: Woman, 30, Tasered eight times by Zion cops. Disregarded commands in fight investigation

Romania: Traffic policemen in a Romanian town have started taking ballet lessons to make them more graceful

Oregon: Suicide attempt leads to police shooting

Philadelphia: Police say they killed man who aimed gun at them

Arizona: Student throws ping-pong balls at cop, calls officer a "pig"

Seattle: A police officer killed one pit bull and wounded another after the animals attacked a West Seattle man and later charged police Tuesday night.

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