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Mike Williams' 08.29.06 local cop news

Chattanooga: A Chattanooga man is in custody, after stabbing three people, and a 4 ½ hour standoff with Chattanooga SWAT Team.

Louisiana:  Sheriff Fights to Keep Down Crime After Helping Town Survive Hurricane Katrina.

Pennsylvania: A 43-year-old man cleared last month of threatening to kill a family was arrested early Saturday after a standoff with five police agencies.

Wisconsin: The Sheboygan County district attorney says the officer who fatally shot a man earlier this month had no choice if he wanted to save a woman's life.

Ohio: Police shooting claims man's life. Estranged wife called 9-1-1 for help.

California: The city of San Jose will pay nearly $800,000 to the Hells Angels motorcycle club to settle a lawsuit that claimed city police crossed the line when they fatally shot three dogs during a raid on two bikers' homes.

Illinois: Prosecutors filed a new charge Friday against a Champaign County corrections officer accused of using a Taser improperly on a jail inmate.

Ohio: Police are reviewing the arrest of an East Toledo man Thursday to determine why officers were unable to subdue him with Tasers.

Florida: Sonz makes SWAT sweat.

Connecticut: Cops end Danbury siege. SWAT team nabs man accused of stabbing death.

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