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P1 Special Report: Should pro-pedophilia group be allowed to "Adopt a Highway"?

A Former Lawman Doesn't Think So. What Do You Think?

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An alert retired homicide detective was instrumental in the suspension of Illinois' volunteer highway cleanup program when he discovered the state was showcasing an organization for pedophiles in signs along a busy thoroughfare. His discovery suggests you may want to check signage for similar programs in your area.

The former lawman, Scott Broehl, was driving along a stretch of state highway that cuts thru the Chicago suburb of Arlington Heights recently when a sign posted for the Adopt A Highway program caught his eye. The program, overseen by the Illinois Department of Transportation, erects decorative metal signs commending individuals and organizations who volunteer to pick up roadside trash. In Illinois about 3,400 miles of highways have been "adopted" by some 1,700 various groups. Other states have similar programs.

The highly visible sign Broehl noticed identified "NAMBLA INC." as the civic-minded organization responsible for keeping a two-mile stretch of State Route 58 clean through Arlington Heights.

Broehl, who worked homicide in Atlanta, was incensed. NAMBLA, he knows, stands for North American Man-Boy Love Association, a group that advocates pedophilia and wants to legalize sex with minors, including even very young children. "They let these people adopt highways?" Broehl fumed. "It's sick!"

Broehl presented photos of the sign to Chicago Tribune columnist John Kass, who stirred up anger and embarrassment in the state capital with a few pointed phone calls. Transportation officials ordered NAMBLA's signage removed, began a statewide review in search of other offensive signs, then suspended the entire adoption program pending further investigation.

In his column in the Tribune on Thursday (April 14), Kass observed: "The only time pedophiles should be cleaning highways is when they are accompanied by prison guards and wearing leg-irons and bright orange uniforms. Pedophiles should never be released from prison. They can't be rehabilitated. There's something inside them beyond repair."

Where all this will end up is unknown. In Missouri the Ku Klux Klan won the right in court to have its name displayed on adopt-a-highway signs on 1st Amendment grounds.

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Original Article Published in the Chicago Tribune:
If this group is involved, it's a really bad sign
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