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LA sheriff's deputy killer escapes justice

In this exclusive, 24Seven is proud to provide this interview with the parents of LA Sheriff’s Deputy David March who was murdered on a car-stop on April 29th 2002. Deputy March was on patrol out of the Temple Station, day shift, when he was felled by alleged suspect Armando Garcia, an illegal alien with priors.

24Seven: Barbara and John March, thank you again for taking the time to provide us with a an update on what’s being done to bring some justice back to your family and the other 1,000 victims of murder suspects in California who have fled to Mexico.

The March Parents: There’s much to tell. We’ve stayed pro-active with the District Attorneys Office, continue to work with victims groups, and we will continue to raise the bar of public education and public opinion. As David’s parents, we want to have David be the face of these victims and our tragedy be the voice that scopes national policy to change extradition treaties of murder suspects from Mexico.”

24Seven: What else...what have you done to pull that together?

The March Parents: “We’ve retained a political consultant as our Executive Director. He’s been in law enforcement for 25 years, worked on political campaigns, understands the inner-working of the political process. He’s going to be the navigator for us, energize the media and affect the change of political will on a local and national level in our relations and treaties with Mexico.

24Seven: That’s a huge task. How will it be done?

The March Parents: “ We will continue to be active with talk radio...especially with John and Ken at KFI, Doug McIntyre and Al Rentel at KABC. The all have been stalwarts for our family and trusted friends. They are an essential part of our plan to mobilize public opinion into action. We will go national on a bigger scale as this issue, immigration, homeland security, terrorism and narco-terrorism, unfolds. ”

24Seven: Your consultant…he will package you to get your message out?

The March Family: “Our consultant already has. We have stacks of newspaper articles, exposes from The Economist, Governing Magazine…objective evidence that we use to cite statistics, financials and strategies that help present our case to the public and the nations lawmakers. We are able to cite our sources and base our evidence with research to be more powerful and dynamic with our campaign. Our consultant is an accomplished professional. Everything we do has to be articulate delivered with acumen and based to accomplish our task and objectives.”

24Seven: What else with your campaign…Deputies and the “Sheriff’s Family” want to know where this is going. The death of your son affected all of us...both as law enforcement and as Americans.

The March Family: “ We now have a comprehensive blueprint in place. As Dave’s parents…we are the most powerful voice and face of change in the political arena. Our consultant does the advance and strategy preparation…we are the entry team.”

24Seven: Tell us the three things that you’ve done to keep momentum and get traction to change national policy.

The March Family: We have established our own 501c3, non-profit, educational foundation. It’s called The March for Justice Campaign foundation. This allows tax-exempt status to donors and funds our logistics, mail, website and communications. Donations go exclusively to education, public awareness, communications and the internal operations required to elevate the “noise level” of this campaign to DC and Mexico City.

We will have a candlelight vigil on the evening of Friday, April 29th, at Irwindale Speedway to honor Dave’s life and continue the message to America that we need secure borders and an extradition reform act that unites law enforcement in Mexico with the American justice system. Everyone is invited. We’ll provide everything.”

We have gone hi-tech for more impact. You can follow our progress on the DA’s website of EscapingJustice.com. You can reach our coordinator at his email of themarchforjustice@cox.net. He will do the email replies for the family and heads up the “Emails for Justice’ component of The March for Justice Campaign. If you signed up for our emails at our rally last year at the College of the Canyons...you are already on his list and will receive communications as we put the plan in place. All emails to him at 10-35.

24Seven: What about Mexico…what’s the project doing there and what can you talk about?

The March Family: “We have operations in place in Mexico…on a political level and on a street level. We can’t discuss those now…but we have them. You will be amazed once you see what we are going to do in Mexico. “

24Seven: Lets close with this...and excuse us if this sounds insensitive. How do you keep going? Politics is brutal and cold-blooded. You lost your son to failures and mistakes in the system that allowed a murder suspect to escape justice. What drives you?

The March Parents: “David had a special calling…as all of you in the law enforcement family do. A life of values, personal sacrifice, an oath to America, protecting the innocent, serving God’s will with compassion and diligence to His laws. We are driven by the fact that when God took David, he transferred into us those same obligations to carry this message and now deliver a greater good for His people. To bring voice to those victims of violence who now lie silent. We will not be silent.

It wasn’t just our son who has been lost in the conflict between good and evil that works in the shadows and crosses borders with impunity. As his parents, we will use the powerful message of David’s death to be the sword of justice for all victims.

As for politics, you can’t hurt us anymore than what we’ve suffered. There is no other pain on earth for a parent that compares to losing a son or daughter. From that pain, we will rise from the ashes and dedicate our lives to political change…to make sure the ‘Sheriff’s Family’ and all of America never has to suffer this. Our faith in God and America…and all of our incredible friends, Deputies, District Attorneys… who loved Dave…will stand with and protect us in this battle. The March family joins LA District Attorney Steve Cooley’s mission statement: We will not forget…and we will not forgive.”

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