Training at the speed of life: Volume 1. The new book by Ken Murray

The Definitive Textbook for Police and Military Reality Based Training
Book available here

Armiger Publications has announced the release of a new textbook for the Reality Based Training of military and law enforcement. Written by Kenneth Murray, the Director of Training for the Armiger Police Training Institute, this is an essential book for police officers, military personnel, private security personnel, martial arts instructors and practitioners, and all those who train them.

Focusing on all aspects of Reality Based Training, including: philosophy, methodology, learning styles, safety, equipment, debriefing, and how to construct and run training scenarios, this is a must-read for anyone dedicated to the science of training to survive and win in high-risk encounters.

The author has spent the last twenty years as a police and military trainer, specializing in the field of Reality-Based Training. As the concept of force-on-force training started to gain popularity, he authored and taught the first instructor schools in North America on how to conduct safe and effective tactical simulations. He currently teaches advanced Reality Based Training instructor schools through Armiger (

Murray is the co-founder of SIMUNITION®, and has written numerous articles and policy papers on the safe conduct of projectile-based simulation training exercises. In addition to his duties at Armiger, he is an adjunct instructor with the tactical training organization, Global Studies Group International ( and the international police training organization, U.S. Police Instructor Teams ( He has acted as advisor to the Killology Research Group ( and is a contributor to the IALIEFI Guidelines for Simulation Training Safety. He is a member of the advisory boards for Force Science Research Center ( and the Police Policy Studies Council ( His regular articles on Reality Based Training appear in NTOA Tactical Edge, Police and Security News, ITOTA Safety First newsletter, and will soon be appearing regularly on PoliceOne.

This 8.5 X 11, 350+ page textbook includes in-depth discussions on liability reduction, training accidents, causes and remedies, psychological aspects of lethal force encounters, reality based training safety rules and procedures, role player selection and training, selection and proper use of training equipment, state-of-the-art simulation program design methodology and much more. The book includes an interactive CD filled with pre-formatted forms for scenario development. It retails for $34.95.

Lt. Col. Dave Grossman, author of On Killing and On Combat, wrote the Foreword. In his testimonial, he states:

    “Ken Murray is one of the great pioneers in the field of law enforcement and military training. More than any other human being in my lifetime, he has helped to make possible a true revolution in law enforcement and military training. This book is THE template for simulated engagements; an indispensable textbook for revolutionary new warrior training. READ THIS BOOK. Tab it, study it, and apply it. Make it your BIBLE for Reality Based Training."

Testimonials from other law enforcement luminaries:

    “Ken Murray has the essential ingredients that make a great law enforcement trainer: Passionate commitment to his mission of officer safety, sincere respect for his students, encyclopedic knowledge of his subject matter, and the ability to communicate that knowledge in an organized, entertaining, and easy to understand manner. Now Murray has blessed the military and law enforcement community with a book that embodies those traits. Training at the Speed of Life is THE definitive text on Reality Based Training by one of the pioneers in this area. It covers all aspects: philosophy, methodology, learning styles, safety, equipment, debriefing, and the nuts and bolts of constructing and running scenarios. It needs to be MANDATORY reading for law enforcement agencies that want to give their officers the gift of life, and their community the gift of well trained officers."

    - Dr. Alexis Artwohl, Author of Deadly Force Encounters

    “Ken Murray, a longtime friend and colleague, knows more about force-on-force training than anyone else I know, including me! If you're doing this kind of training, you need this book."

    - John S. Farnam, Author and Firearms Trainer

    “Ken Murray has always impressed me with his passion and creativity when it comes to scenario development. There are only a handful of truly innovative trainers in the combatives world. Ken Murray is one of them. This book is encyclopedic in its scope. Whether you’re new to realistic scenario training or an experienced trainer, this book needs to be in your library."

    - Tony Blauer, Blauer Tactical Systems, Inc.

For more information on Training at the Speed of Life, or to order, please visit or call 407-532-7381.
You can also purchase the book here.

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