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Watch out for this flashlight gun 'prototype'

The video below shows someone who indicates that he works for Magpul — one has to believe that this is so — demonstrating a ‘conceptual prototype’ weapon at SHOT Show 2008. This video had been sent to me no less than a half dozen times during the past couple of months, and in doing a little research I found that Magpul issued a document on the so-called FMG-9 (short for “Folding Machine-Gun 9mm”) in 2008. An Airsoft model of this thing has been on the market for a couple of years, but it appears that Magpul has not made a production model of this thing with an actual 9mm Glock.

Every time I’ve looked at this video, I’ve thought, “It’s absolutely possible to make something like this — in fact, I would bet a waist-high stack of green money that the folks in Langley already have many of them in their armory — but really, how likely would it be for your average bad guy to have one?”

Well, according to what I saw last week on the Discovery Chanel program “Sons of Guns,” such an item can apparently be purchased (under NFA restrictions) for about $1,200 — well within financial range of your run-of-the-mill BG.

I am by no means saying that the folks at Red Jacket Firearms would sell such an item to a person with malicious intent, but the fact is, weapons technology is a moving target — no pun intended — so we need to be aware of developments like this, and be mindful of the fact that these things may one day be something you encounter on the street.

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