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Cameras belie your arrival at the door

Working on assumptions can be a dangerous business. Assuming, for example, that simply parking down the street from your target address and making a quiet, tactical approach will be enough to mask your arrival to an address. In increasing number, homeowners have installed tiny, nearly invisible surveillance “webcams” and connected them via home network to their computers inside the home.

Many times, this is done for legitimate security concerns of those citizens. Sometimes, though, things go bad inside a house, and a person goes from “law-abiding citizen” to domestic abuser, or a murder, in a heartbeat. Then the DV call or the shots fired call comes over your radio, and your approach to the front door may be caught live on candid camera. Now your newly-minted bad guy has real-time Intel of your arrival at the front door, and a pretty strong motivation to use that information against you.

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