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A sobering reminder about driving 'in weather'

According to ODMP, there were 43 police officers killed in vehicle accidents in 2011 (38 in patrol cars, five on motorcycles).  Just four of those LEOs were involved in a pursuit at the time they were killed.  What does this tell us?  I don’t even need to answer that rhetorical question — we all know full well what it says. 

Okay now, in the span of just three days, I received the below video from almost ten different “email pen pals” I’ve got out there in American law enforcement.  Each person offered roughly the same comment: “Shows just how fast it can happen.  Stay safe!” 

Presently in the San Francisco Bay Area, we’re experiencing a deluge of rain (snow in the elevations above 4,000 feet just a couple hours east of here).  Elsewhere in the country, winter weather persists well into the springtime — the upper northwest has gotten hammered with snow in the past few days.  Pretty soon it’ll be, “April showers bring May flowers.”  Then it’s summertime and the annual spate of thundershowers. 

Whether the weather is rain or snow or fog or wind or some combination thereof, please take into account those factors and adjust your driving according.  I’ll leave you with a paraphrased “quote” from the late, great Chuck Wyllie, told to me when I was a lead-footed twenty-something knucklehead. 

“Drive the conditions, not the way you’ve been conditioned.” 

Check out the video below, and please, stay safe out there my friends. 

A sobering reminder about driving 'in weather'

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