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Seeing through 'vacation camo'

With the onslaught of vacation travelers beginning to pick up speed — pun very much intended — on the roadways, it’s a good time for a reminder to help increase your odds of snagging contraband runners using “vacation camo” as their cover.  Recall that a couple of years ago, I posted this item on how contraband couriers have been known to capitalize on the Christmas season as a perfect time to move loads.  Well, summer vacations are really no different. 

Be sure to ask yourself if the vehicle, the occupants, and “the story” on any given traffic stop actually add up? For example, if you stop a motor home with a couple of kids’ bikes strapped to the back, avoid the temptation to simply disregard that scene as typical. Make a mental note to see if there are actually children in the vehicle and if not, ask the occupants some kid-focused questions to see if the bike was meant to serve as “just another vacationing family”-type cover.

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