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S.C. community asks residents not to recycle guns

The Associated Press
CHARLESTON, S.C.- You may recycle cans and bottles, but Charleston County has a request for its residents: Please don't recycle your old guns and ammunition.

The county is making the plea after dangerous items, including a loaded gun, were found earlier this month at the county recycling plant.

The plant has an assembly line where recycled items are sorted by hand, said Gregg Vainer, director of the county Solid Waste and Recycling Department.

On Jan. 17, a worker found a torn paper bag with bullets inside. Then a second bag with another box of bullets came down the line. Next, workers found a box with bullets and three guns _ one of which was loaded.

Police were called to pick up the guns and ammunition.

"The worst thing someone can do is put these items in their recycling bins or drop-site containers, because those items will be hand-sorted by people, unlike their garbage," said department spokeswoman Christine DeStefano.


OSLO, Norway (AP) _ Health officials in southern Norway said they were disgusted at reports that employees at a hospital threw a party in a post-mortem room and covered an autopsy table with a white cloth and candles.

Management at the Fredrikstad hospital said it learned two weeks ago that employees had staged a Christmas celebration in the room where post-mortem examinations were performed.

"This is unacceptable and unheard of," Health Minister Sylvia Brustad told state broadcaster NRK. "It makes me sick."

The hospital said the incident shocked its management and employees, according to a statement from administrative director Ulf Ljungblad.

The employees involved had been called in to explain themselves to their supervisors, the statement said. It was not immediately clear if they would be disciplined.

NRK said the revelers had covered the autopsy table with a white table cloth, lit candles and decked it with beer bottles.

The room is adjacent to the hospital's mortuary and chapel, NRK said.

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