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Ohio police fatally shoot 62-year-old woman who threatened cops with scissors

Editor's note: There are several very important things to remember relative to this incident. First, remember that scissors (along with other edged weapons) are not to be taken lightly. In threatening hands they can go from, as in this instance, a sewing implement to an extremely dangerous, potentially deadly edged weapon. When it comes to officer safety and survival, there is no such thing as "just a pair of scissors." Be sure to check out more safety reminders about edged weapons.

By Caitlin McGlade
Toledo Free Press

TOLEDO, Ohio — A female police officer shot a 62-year-old woman described by police as “schizophrenic” yesterday after she brandished a pair a sewing scissors and refused to cooperate, threatening to kill the officer.

Officer Diane Chandler, a 33-year-old patrol officer certified with crisis intervention training, shot Linda Hicks multiple times, killing her instantly, said Chief of Police Michael Navarre at a press conference today. Four bullets were found in Hicks’ body, including two in her head. Navarre said he could not verify exactly how many times Chandler shot Hicks because one of the bullets struck the scissor blades and fragmented.

“(Chandler) thought her life was in danger,” Navarre said, adding that he could not comment as to whether he thought the shooting was justified.

Chandler and Officer Rebecca Kenney rushed to the scene after the police station received a phone call at about 8 p.m. Monday concerning Hicks possessing a weapon, he said. When the two arrived, Hicks lay on her bed and refused to remove her arms from beneath her pillow. Kenney attempted to deploy her TASER but the cartridge malfunctioned so she had to use the device in drive-stun mode by placing it against Hicks’ flesh, Navarre said. Hicks got off the bed and said “I’m going to kill you or you’re going to have to kill me,” and raised her scissors. Chandler then fired her gun, Navarre said.

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