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Video: British cops team up with bees

If the pollen comes from an illegal plant, they will note your address, get a warrant, and drop by and arrest you

By PoliceOne Staff

LONDON — Police in England have started using bees to help search for illegal drugs.

They send swarms of bees into a neighborhood in search of plants to pollinate. Those bees go about their business of collecting pollen and then, “being bees, they return to the hive to tell the other bees exactly where the good plants are.”

If any of the pollinated plants were illegal (marijuana, for example), the bees will perform a “waggle” dance, according to Metropolitan Police Bee Keeper Mark Macha.

Watch the full video below or read more on PBS.

And be careful, Bee Keeper Macha might not be a real officer, and this story might just be one big joke.

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'Grow Your Own' - from the Policing Genes Project from Thomas Thwaites on Vimeo.

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