Video: Russian cops dance on squad, swig vodka

In the video, the officers climb atop the cruiser and trade swigs from a bottle of vodka

By PoliceOne Staff

SVERDLOFSK OBLAST, Russia — A YouTube video has surfaced of several drunken Russian officers with their shirts off, dancing on top of a patrol car and spanking each other. They are being investigated by the department for their behavior.

In the video, one of the officers smacks his shirtless colleague in the buttocks while that officer sprawls out on the hood of the squad smoking a cigarette. That officer then climbs atop the cruiser and swigs from a bottle of vodka. The video was shot during a celebration of a colleague’s promotion, according to the Global Times.

Watch it below, and let us know how you celebrated your last promotion. Savor the European dance beats and think about how you'll celebrate your next one.

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