Photos: Australia cop, baby kangaroo fight crime in the outback

The outback can get lonely, but Senior Constable Tiffany Greig never lacks company

By PoliceOne Staff

FLINDERS RANGES, Australia — An Australian cop has an unlikely animal as her partner.

Senior Constable Tiffany Greig told ABC News that after her daughter finished school, she decided it was time for a change, so she signed up with the police force.

Stationed in a remote area of the outback, Greig’s patrol duties can be anything from a 10-hour drive to assist a helicopter crash or rescuing baby kangaroos, aka joeys, on treacherous stretches of road.   

One of the first joeys who joined her on patrol was named Quinn, ABC News reported. 

"When I got him he was about a kilogram; he was a tiny little thing but he was just the funniest, most robust little roo I've ever had," Greig said.

Now, Cornelius is helping Greig fight crime in the outback. She shares her kangaroo adventures on Instagram as a way to connect with the communities she patrols. 

"It's about breaking down those barriers and I think the Instagram account really does that, and obviously carrying around a joey 24/7 does that as well," she said. 


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