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Video: 2 retired LAPD cops stuff their bellies

A far cry from 24-hour donut spots, the two have reviewed meals covering a wide spectrum of cuisines

By PoliceOne Staff

LOS ANGELES — While the media has often portrayed the typical policeman as a donut-consuming glutton, the average officer in actuality has a much broader palette when it comes to consuming a meal. The truth is, with regards to dining, spending numerous hours patrolling a neighborhood warrants a unique opportunity to scope out and try out some of the best eating spots. Code 7, cop lingo for 'meal break,' is often an occasion to not only bond with the local businesses they are protecting, but to also sample the various restaurants the community has to offer.

Two retired Los Angeles police sergeants, Steve Clark and Dan Campbell, had a vision to live out their Code 7's long after the job and launched 2HungryCops.com, a web portal and video series that seeks out the "Top Cop Eating Spots" while interacting with restaurant owners, chefs, customers and most importantly current and retired law enforcement officers. Sampling a vast variety of great meals, these two hungry cops stimulate our taste buds while boosting a positive and friendly image of the men and women in blue.

With a plan to eventually take their show on the road and connect with police officers and communities nationwide, Clark and Campbell have compiled a video library of some of the Top Cop Eating Spots throughout Los Angeles and its surrounding counties. With over 25 vignettes on file, the two have focused on eateries that are distinctive to their particular communities. A far cry from 24-hour donut spots, the two have reviewed meals covering a wide spectrum of cuisines, including Italian, Chinese, American, Cuban, Southern, seafood, and even a cupcakery !

"For many years we took pride in our profession as Los Angeles police officers," offers Clark. "With 2HungryCops.com, we are continuing that tradition by providing a service to the community identifying restaurants serving great food with a safe environment."

"While on duty, Code 7 became a time to transcend the stereotype of the police officer as the enemy. We were afforded the chance to befriend the patrons and owners of the local eating establishments and really bond with them. Developing a rapport with the community was always an essential part of Code 7," explains Campbell. "2 Hungry Cops keeps us connected with our fellow officers while in turn keeping them connected to their surrounding communities."

With the majority of police officers working hard to 'protect and serve,' Clark and Campbell have created a worthy diversion from the often negative situations that cops often confront with on a daily basis. Their genuine camaraderie and healthy appetites are the perfect recipe for entertaining food reviews.
To get a better taste of what these 2 Hungry Cops are serving, go to http://www.2HungryCops.com.

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