Video: Man catches fire after being TASERed, sprayed by police in France

Police said the suspect was not badly injured

By PoliceOne Staff

PARIS — A man caught on fire after police TASERed and sprayed him with tear gas simultaneously.

KTRK reports that Paris police confronted a shirtless man who was insulting and threatening the officers. Police asked the man to calm down before one officer struck him with a baton.

Following the baton strikes, an officer used his TASER on the man, while another officer sprayed the suspect with tear gas at the same time. The man then caught on fire. The officer who used the TASER can be heard in the video asking who sprayed the gas.

Officers rushed to douse the flames. Police said the suspect was not badly injured.

Paris’ Inspectorate General of the Police cleared the officers of any wrongdoing after investigating the incident, according to Global News Canada.


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