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2011 in Review: Top 5 dancing cop videos

By PoliceOne Staff

Searching through the video archives turned over a surprising amount of footage showing officers "breaking it down," including the Indonesian and Detroit cop YouTube sensations and the NYPD officers "dirty dancing" at the West Indian Day Parade — which had some asking whether it was professional.

Is NYPD's 'dirty dancing' fun or unprofessional?

Some questioned whether officers should be disciplined for their "dirty dancing" with women at a parade in New York, but others saw it as harmless.


Indonesian 'dancing cop' gets busted; becomes YouTube sensation

Social networking users rallied online to defend a police officer who has came under scrutiny by Gorontalo Police after a video of him dancing at his post went viral.


Officer dances to Rebecca Black

A somewhat unfortunate product of the year 2011 was Rebecca Black's "Friday." Despite the song choice, the officer dances on.


Dancing cop directs traffic in the Philippines

Ramiro, a 56-year-old police officer from Manila, has been dancing on the job for six years now.


Detroit cop dances to 'Billie Jean'

Although the original video is from 2008, the Detroit cop caught dancing on surveillance camera got attention again when it recirculated this year.


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