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New sport combines soccer, 'Tazers'

'We are very serious about it,' says the founder of 'Ultimate Tazer Ball'

By PoliceOne Staff

TORONTO — A new sport combining soccer and "Tazers" is not an Internet hoax, insists a man who started a league he wants to take worldwide.

Ultimate Tazer Ball is "a new game in which players use stun guns to floor their opponents," according to CBC News. A game has yet to be played, but a website advertises four teams and a promotional YouTube video.

In the video, player interviews are interspersed with players shocking each other while running and kicking a giant soccer ball. The over-the-top sequences shot in an indoor soccer field appear to be comical.

"It hurts man, it doesn't feel good," one player says about getting hit. "That's why the cops use them."

The weapons are not as powerful as those in law enforcement, said Eric Prum, 25, who founded Ultimate Tazer Ball with German business partner Erik Wunsch.

"If you think it's a police-grade Taser or a lethal or cardiac-inducing Taser, then you could think it's a step too far," Prum said. "But the stun guns we're using are far below the amperage to cause any damage like that. So it's more of a useful tool in an action sport than anything."

Prum said to watch for a tournament in Bangkok, scheduled for March.

"It's not fake," Prum said. "We're very serious about it.”

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