Department 'going green' with different type of gas

PD has harnessed the methane from midnight officers by placing a converter unit beneath the driver's seat

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FLATBREAD, Kan. - Reducing fossil fuel use has been a goal of police departments that rely heavily on vehicle patrol. Racking up miles and puffing up their carbon footprint, gasoline powered patrol cars are slowly being replaced by more environmentally-friendly fuels such as solar, electric, and biofuels.

Captain Miles Tugoeh of Flatbread, Kansas is head of experimental fleet management for Flatbread PD and is a leader in alternative fuels.

“We’ve harnessed the methane from our midnight officers by placing a converter unit beneath the driver’s seat” said Cpt. Tugoeh.

Research showed that the diet of most police officers working midnight shifts consisted of diet cola and bean burritos from 7-11. Tugoeh reports good results so far with the officers producing enough gas to run their patrol cars for about half of their shift. A side benefit to 7-11 corporation is the new carbon offset tax credit they get from providing free soda and half-price burritos to the lawmen.

“What used to be an illicit gratuity is now saving the planet” according to the national chain.

Another source of energy for the fleet is ECD electricity. Fleet technicians installed batteries under the back seat where prisoners are held during transport.

Flathbread PD’s policy now is that all resisting offenders who are hit with a TASER are first placed in the back seat of the patrol car before being jolted. The electricity is transferred from the prisoner to the batteries to supplement the hybrid patrol car.

Tugoeh estimates that a patrol car can get as much as 10 MPD (miles per dirtbag) with every arrest.

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