Calif. man uses physics to get out of $400 ticket

A four-page paper explained how complex mathematics proved a man's innocence

By PoliceOne Staff

SAN DIEGO — A university physicist got out of a traffic ticket by writing a four-page paper on how complex mathematics proved his innocence.

Dmitri Krioukov, who works for the University of California, was issued a ticket for failing to stop completely at a stop sign, according to NBC San Diego.  Instead of paying the $400 fine, he prepared  a paper for the judge in his case.

"The judge was convinced, and the officer was convinced as well," Krioukov said

The laws of angular and linear motion caused the officer to think he saw something he didn't actually see, the paper explained.

“Therefore my argument in the court went as follows: that what he saw would be easily confused by the angle of speed of this hypothetical object that failed to stop at the stop sign. And therefore, what he saw did not properly reflect reality, which was completely different," Krioukov said.

He published the paper online and said in the abstract it's "a way to fight your traffic tickets." 

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