Ohio student threatens cop with penis slap

College sophomore reportedly told an officer to pull over so he could slap him across the face with his penis

By PoliceOne Staff

MIAMI, Ohio — A college student under arrest threatened to slap a police officer with his penis while being transported to the police station, according to an Oxford police report.

Craig McIntire, 21, told the officer to “pull over so he could slap him across the face with his penis,” according to a report in the Miami Student, which cited the police report. 

The officer caught McIntire, a Miami University of Ohio sophomore Miami, urinating in an alley last weekend. He said McIntire appeared “heavily intoxicated” and ignored commands to zip his pants.

Instead McIntire finished urinating and fled to a nearby sports bar, where he fell and scraped his arms, according to the article. The officer charged him with public intoxication and resisting arrest and drove him to jail.

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