'Tazed' pizza delivery man doesn't give up pies

Suspect admitted to attacking because he was hungry and wanted pizza


VOLUSIA COUNTY, Fla. — Daytona Beach police said 19-year-old Christopher Collins used a stun gun on driver, Kevin Kelly.

Collins admitted to attacking Kelly because he as hungry and wanted some pizza, according to officials.

Police said Collins phoned in a pizza order to an apartment in this complex at 525 North Halifax Avenue Monday night just before 9 p.m.

When Kelly found no one home and called the number back, and Collins told Kelly he'd come right out, investigators said.

Police said when Collins met Kelly, he shocked Kelly in the stomach, then tried to forcefully take the pizzas but Kelly wouldn't give them up.

Collins ran but police tracked him to a nearby apartment complex through his phone that had been used for other pizza orders, police said.

Authorities said the Kelly was not seriously injured.

Kelly said it is the first time he's been attacked while delivering pizzas in Florida, but he's been robbed several different times in other states. He said unfortunately, it goes with the job and it's a job he needs to keep right now.

Reprinted with permission from WESH

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