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Top 5 weirdest Halloween mugshots

One night a year brings out the most unusual suspects

By PoliceOne Staff

Police in Birmingham, Ala., were called Thursday to what looked like a woman shot dead in her car but found a Halloween reveler they described as drunk and passed out Thursday. 

While we're sadly unable to track down that mugshot, here's some Halloween oddities we did find from over the years. 

First up is… well, we don’t know exactly what he is. But we hope he had a few more Benjamins to make bail.

#2 is another unclear costume. Painted silver head-to-toe and charged with a DUI for losing control of his gold Mercedes, this party-goer wins the bronze for his glistening mug.

#3 is more ironic than anything.  The “inmate” ended up exactly where he belonged after being caught smoking marijuana behind a bar.

#4 was taken in for chasing children, blocking traffic and urinating in public. Whether or not this was done through her udders has not been determined.

Last is a man who dedicated himself a little too much to his character. 

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