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Top 5 viral police videos from 2012

By PoliceOne Staff

As we round out the end-of-year coverage, we came across a ton of bizarre police moments caught on camera.  Here are five of the best (or worst, depending on how you look at it) moments that — for obvious reasons — have gone viral.   

Be sure to tell us your favorites in the comments section, and keep uploading good finds to BLUtube.


Video of Md. officer's attack goes viral

An assailant suddenly tackles a Baltimore cop, springing a suspect who had been prone and placed under arrest.


Officer pepper sprays out-of-control teen

Mother called police after kid broke $3000 television because his mother refused to buy him a video game.


Cop suspended for dunking his head in a bucket of urine

$450 and a two-day suspension followed the foolish tailgating act.


Bizarre cop vs. clown video goes viral

Wis. community activist was terrorizing people with a squirt gun, then resisted arrest.


Fla. police go 'Gangnam Style'

The Sheriff’s office has released a comedic safety video hoping to attract the community’s attention..




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