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Department's 'Call Me Maybe' causes massive miscommunication

Spoof makes problems for officers

By Marie Reuben
The Pete’s Sake Times

PAMTA, Fla — Pamta police have been forced to take drastic action after community members mistook their PSA “Call Me Maybe” video for a police dating service.

The department has shut down its tips line, and terminated all e-mail addresses and social media pages, after officers were bombarded with requests for dates rather than crime leads, which was the original intent of the video.

Panta police made the parody after the success of the Tampa PD's rendition, as captured in this screengrab.
Panta police made the parody after the success of the Tampa PD's rendition, as captured in this screengrab.

The flirtatious dance moves and suggestive lyrics, like the repetitive chorus, “Hey, I just met you, and this is crazy, but here’s my number, so call me maybe,” have turned the singles in Pamta love-struck. They made the video in the wake of Tampa police's success with their own parody last year.

“We thought we’d be creative with our PSA. We just wanted people to know our tip line was open,” said Sheriff Lee Harmony. “We had no idea things would get so out of control.”

Surrounding departments are furious – and not just because they’re being given the overflow of work.

“We have plenty of good looking, single cops on our force,” said Officer Jim Phanatica. “Just because we’re not parading around on local television doesn’t mean we’re not interested.”

The damages go beyond the overflow of work and unanswered emergency phone calls. Four officers have filed restraining orders against individuals, and one has been forced to stay in a hotel for the past two weeks.

“My wife doesn’t believe a word of it,” said Officer Dirk Entall. “She saw the video and says I looked like an idiot. 'How could anyone be attracted to you based off that?’ she says. But my cell was ringing off the hook. 

"I had 20-year-old girls standing outside my front door. Strawberries and flowers were being delivered to the house. One morning I walked outside and a girl had cuffed herself in the back on my cruiser.

"The faulty calls were endless. It can’t be a coincidence that every single woman on my block had car trouble, was robbed, or involved in a hit-and-run in the last few weeks.”

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