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Photo: Trooper patrols in 18 wheeler to catch texters

He is one of 97 officers in the state who carry a heavy goods licence so they can gain a better view of distracted drivers

By Matt Blake
The Daily Mail

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. — Highway patrol officer Gordon Roberts does not take kindly to drivers who break the law. In fact, he rather looks down on them. The Tennessee State Trooper has an ingenious way of spotting motorists who drink, text or don't wear seat belts at the wheel - by patrolling the motorways in a 40-tonne lorry.

The only trouble is that pulling over cars in an 80-foot articulated truck presents more than a few problems, not to mention the logistics of a high-speed chase.

So instead he just radios police headquarters with what he sees and the control room dispatches a team of troopers to chase the outlaws down in patrol cars and dish out tickets.

Full Story: Looking down on lawbreakers: Anti-text message trooper patrols highway in 40-tonne lorry so he can peer into cars to catch drivers sending an SMS at the wheel 

(Photo credit: Dan Henry/ Times Free Press)

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