Masked man shoots at Fla. cop after getting ticket

The man intentionally had several encounters with the officer, the officer was not injured

By Amaka Ubaka

BALDWIN PARK, Fla. — Orlando police say a masked driver, who was apparently angered over being ticketed in Baldwin Park, rode a motorized scooter to confront and shoot at the officer.

Police said Sgt. Kevin Roberson was working a traffic enforcement detail Wednesday afternoon on Fox Street when he conducted a stop, issuing the driver, 63-year-old William Jasper Cates, a ticket for running a stop sign. The officer says Cates then returned a third time on the scooter and intentionally ran a stop sign in front of Roberson, according to police.

When Roberson attempted to stop Cates, who was wearing a ski mask, Cates then crashed, according to police. They said Roberson went over to check on Cates and Cates started to fight Roberson. During the struggle, Cates pulled out a gun and shot at Roberson twice, police said. Roberson didn't return fire and eventually restrained Cates with the help of other officers.

Full Story: Masked driver shoots at officer after being issued ticket, Orlando police say

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