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Top 5 police videos of March

By PoliceOne Staff

March brought a variety of videos, including a violent altercation with a suspect, a run-in with an alligator, and the strangest attempt at a burglary we've ever seen.

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Ohio cops save man from burning truck

Three officers arrived just in time, used batons to break into the vehicle, and rescued the unresponsive driver.


Fla. cop wrestles 7-foot alligator at school

A deputy feared the nearby school children would be let out before trappers arrived to take the gator.


Cop finds himself in 'bad situation' when attacked

2 people stepped in to help the officer, while others egged the suspect on and released an arrested woman from the cruiser.


Texas cop rolls down embankment during traffic stop

Dash cam shows the officer lose his footing and roll backwards, but he quickly gets back on his feet.


Would-be burglar trips alarm, falls on face

When his attempt to shatter a window sounds the store's alarm, the thief scurries, but quickly hits the ground.




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