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Video: 50 immigrants flee truck pursued by police

Deputies caught 31 of the immigrants, and estimate that at least another 15 got away

The Daily Mail

JIM WELLS COUNTY, Texas — The dashcam on a Texas police cruiser has captured the moment 50 illegal immigrants poured out of a box truck after they were smuggled across the border. 

A sheriff's deputy in Jim Wells County, outside Corpus Christi, spotted the truck and pursued it in a brief chase on July 9. When the truck stopped on a rural highway, the back door opened and dozens of people flooded out. Deputies caught 31 of the immigrants. Another 15 to 20 escaped. 

“That's a lot of people. And if you put the math to it, at $4,500 a person — which is the average going rate — multiply it times just 45 that's a lot of money,” Rodrigo Ramon, Jim Wells County sheriff's deputy told KIII-TV.

Full Story: The moment 50 illegal immigrants pour out of box truck after it is pulled over by police

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