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Video: Woman's tirade shows why it's tough being a traffic cop

The officer kept his cool despite the woman's vulgar threats and child-like fit

By PoliceOne Staff

Video of a woman threatening an officer and a man, who was involved in the minor car accident, has gone viral – despite her persistent plea for the video to not be posted on YouTube.

The video starts with a woman, who has not been identified, telling an officer how the accident occurred as the man, who was also involved in the accident, filmed the conversation.

She became agitated, speaking over the officer and cursing as she repeated what happened.

“He had the right of way but you smashed into him,” the officer told her, which sent her into further rage. “Here’s what I can tell you, I don’t determine who’s at fault, the insurance company does that,” the officer told her.

The woman admitted to the officer  she wasn’t on her prescribed medication and was “ready to explode” before threatening to hit the man, saying she had punched plenty of people before.

The officer calmly told her not to touch the man, who filmed without speaking.

The officer eventually ordered the woman into her car for repeatedly getting in the man’s face, threatening both him and the officer.

“Sit down, shut up, I’m going to treat you like a 5-year-old until you behave yourself,” the officer is heard saying.

It’s unknown if the woman was arrested for the incident. 

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