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Family booted from theme park over dad's police t-shirt

The shirt was a gift from the man's brother, who is an LEO

By Amy Pavuk
Orlando Sentinel

ORLANDO — A South Florida family was recently denied entry into Universal Orlando because one member was wearing a shirt that said "police," and he is not a sworn law-enforcement officer.

Christian Jarosz told the Orlando Sentinel on Wednesday that he and his wife traveled with their daughters and a friend to Central Florida from Jupiter on Aug. 24 to see the Blue Man Group perform.

A security guard told the family they weren't allowed onto the property because of the "police" shirt Jarosz was wearing, he said.
Jarosz said his brother, who is an officer in New York, gave him the "police" shirt as a gift and he wears it because he is proud of his sibling.

Jarosz said the security officers told him Universal does not allow people to wear clothing identifying themselves as police in the park.

The security officers suggested Jarosz buy a shirt from one of the nearby stores, and the Jarosz family asked to see the policy in writing.
Jarosz eventually agreed to buy a shirt in the Billabong store at CityWalk, he said. But before he could, Jarosz said, "Another security guard said, 'Don't bother buying that, you guys are out of here.'"

When Jarosz asked why, the security guard said he and his family were disruptive, which Jarosz denies.

The family, which was celebrating a daughter's 16th birthday, left the park and did not see the show. Jarosz said they were not charged for the Blue Man Group tickets.

"They could have handled it differently," Jarosz said, noting he has worn the same shirt to other theme parks.

Universal spokesman Tom Schroder told the Sentinel that officials do not discuss the details of specific guest situations.

But he said guests are not allowed to wear clothing that identifies them as law-enforcement or emergency personnel unless they are on duty. That includes clothing with the words "police" and "fire," Schroder said.

Other clothing not permitted at Universal parks includes items displaying profanity or objectionable content.

But according to the Blue Man Group's website, "there is no specific dress code" for the show.

At Walt Disney World, guests are asked to wear proper attire and guidelines are listed on the company's website. Items that are not appropriate include clothing with obscene graphics and objectionable tattoos.

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