Video: Clerk fights knife-wielding robber with shoe

The shop keeper suffered many cuts on his arm from the would-be burglar, who took several jabs before fleeing

By Piers Eady
The Mirror

BOLTON, England — This is the moment a heroic shop keeper fought off armed robbers in the middle of the night ... with one of his shoes.

The drama began when two masked men raided a service station in Westhoughton, Bolton, in the early hours of Saturday morning. One of the robbers was armed with a knife but the store worker fought him off with one of his shoes and a glass jar.

After a few seconds the robbers backed off and fled empty handed. The shopkeeper, who was praised by police for his bravery, needed 12 stitches in one arm.

Full Story: Video: Watch the incredible moment hero shop keeper fights off armed robbers with SHOE

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