Topless woman runs after peeping Tom in store

The woman was changing in a dressing room when she noticed a man filming her and didn't want him getting away

By Dave Eckert, Jeanene Kiesling, and DeAnn Smith

LENEXA, Kan. — Jeanne Ouellette was trying on bras in the dressing room at the Kohl's store off 95th Street in Lenexa. That's when she noticed there was a man with his hand under the dressing room wall, videotaping her with his phone. She said he was on the floor as he videotaped her.

She was so upset about the invasion of her privacy and that he could get away, she says she did something that might not have been the most wise. She chased him through the store while using her hands to cover her breasts.

"I followed him. I shouted, 'Stop! Help me!' I just screamed and chased him topless through the store," she said. "I know I shouldn't be chasing someone ... I was just enraged. I was at a store in a very private place, and I was enraged and I wanted to get the phone." Other shoppers and police eventually helped catch Jeremy Bradley, authorities said.

Full Story: Topless woman sprints through store to help catch peeping Tom

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