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Video: Jeff Gordon pranks reporter with epic 'police chase'

The legendary driver devised an elaborate plan to trick a reporter into thinking they were running from the cops

By PoliceOne Staff

NASCAR driver Jeff Gordon teamed up with Pepsi Max to prove to a pessimistic reporter that a prank video was real by doing it again — this time taking the reporter on an outrageous phony police chase.

Travis Okulski, a writer for the blog Jalopnik, tried discrediting a prank video done by Gordon for a Pepsi promotion last year by telling news channels the stunt was a hoax.

Pepsi contacted Gordon and created an elaborate plan to set the story straight. They disguised Gordon as an ex-convict cab driver hired to pick Okulski up from his hotel.

Before the terrified journalist knew what was happening, police sirens were blaring and his cabbie hit the gas, explaining that he had already ‘done time.’

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