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Trending topics: When nature is cops' toughest rival

By PoliceOne Staff

We’ve compiled five incredible videos that paint a picture of the unpredictable, dangerous, and awe-inspiring force that is Mother Nature. Check out these hair-raising close calls, moments of beauty, or downright bizarre incidents as cops battle the elements, and share your own encounters below.


Tree falls on cop during traffic stop

A tree strikes a Centerville Police Department officer during a traffic stop in Iowa.


Cop swept away by wave

A driver captures the moment an officer is swept away by a massive wave in the Channel Islands in Western Europe.


Okla. tornado captured on dash cam

The Norman Police Department released this dash cam video taken when a violent tornado passed through the city in mid-April 2012.

Falling meteor tears through the sky

A dash cam from the vehicle of a York Regional Police officer in Canada caught the incredible moment when a meteor fell from the sky.

Dust devil vandalises Conn. police car

A mini-tornado, known as a dust devil, springs up right on top of an officer's car, ripping off the wing mirror, tossing it about a bit, then dropping it right next to the car's door.



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