Man claims police locked iPhone for 42 years

Suspect arrested for drunk and disorderly conduct claims cops erased footage of them on his phone

By PoliceOne Staff

WILTS, UK — A man arrested for drunk and disorderly conduct after filming officers with his iPhone claims police locked the device for 42 years.

The incident began when Jake Coplestone, 20, recorded five officers while they were on a break outside a coffee shop.According to the Sun, two officers approached Coplestone and took him into custody for being drunk and disorderly.

After being held overnight, Coplestone was released the next day without his phone. When it was returned five days later, the screen read, “iPhone is disabled, try again in 22,461,058 minutes.”

Coplestone, who denies being intoxicated, said he believes officers tried to destroy his video.

“The only logical explanation for my phone being disabled for 42 years is that someone had been trying to access my files to delete the video footage,” Coplestone told The Sun. “…I believe the only reason for my arrest was my taking footage of the officers standing at the bar.”

The officers involved in the incident denied Coplestone’s claims and said they have not seen the alleged footage.

The incident will be investigated by the Force Professional Standards Department.


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