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More border agents assisting local police

Despite beliefs that they aren't adequately trained to do so, they've been assisting with serving warrants and other duties

By Rob O’Dell and Bob Ortega
AZ Central

On the afternoon of March 15, 2011, at least five Border Patrol agents and another federal agent went with Sierra Vista police officers to conduct a "knock and talk" at a house in a neighborhood where police suspected a human-smuggling operation.

After agents knocked on the front screen door, a white Chevy Suburban smashed out through the garage door, rammed into law-enforcement vehicles and drove at officers, according to Sierra Vista police reports.

Federal agents fired 10 shots at the vehicle, and Sierra Vista officers fired once, with several bullets hitting the vehicle. 

The incident is one of an increasing number of cases nationwide in which Border Patrol agents back up local police or perform other police duties, such as serving warrants or responding to domestic disputes, even though critics say they aren't adequately trained to do so.

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